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The proper way of displaying books and shelves in Cover

We’re getting a lot of feedback lately from users that don’t like how Cover displays books as a flat folder, instead of a hierarchy of shelves and books. So let’s pretend you have these comic books and you want to have them all in Cover:

Files and folders structure

So you begin to add the folders the usual way:

Add comics to Cover

And you add your folders until all of them are present in the app. So your "manage content" screen looks like this:

Manage content screen when everything is done the wrong way

Wow, that was boring. Now let’s get to the pleasant part. Having all of these display nicely in folders, each having thumbnails and a proper background, and beginning to read them. This is how Cover main screen will look like:

Flat comics view

Not so great, uh? But guess what?

You're doing it wrong

Instead of adding all your comic books folders separately, you should have added the root "Comic Books" folder. So when you "add a folder" and Cover presents you with its folder picker, be sure to be in the root folder, and not a subfolder, and click "select folder". This is from Windows 10 "PC mode", but the same stands for a tablet or phone on Win8.1:

Proper folder picker configuration

Not only is it faster, you’ll get all the Cover goodness from now on:

Proper library view

Now you have it right.

Approved by French Fry, and also by this guy

Remember, Cover works in a very simple way: It will map your filesystem folders and files structure. So if you want to reorganize how Cover displays your comic books, just use Windows Explorer to arrange your files, then switch back to Cover and it will sync automatically.

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