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How to read your comic books from a NAS or network PC

Cover encourages you to read a lot, and you might be coming to a point where you have many comic books. Since you (probably) don't want to clutter your tablet or laptop with all that, you might want to host all of your files on a network share or a NAS, and read remotely from it on all your devices. Guess what? Cover can help you do just that!

First, move and organize all your comic books somewhere on your local network, using Windows Explorer. Once everything is properly organized, start Cover, and add a network folder to the library:

Add a remote folder to library

From now on, Cover is "linked" to your network folder. It won't copy the comic book files on your device, you'll be streaming them directly from your remote PC. Of course, this means the storage must be available for you to read. We have a tiny visual helper in Cover to help you know wether the folder is available or not: If it's not, the comic book thumbnails will be "grayed out":

Remote folder is unavailable

And the "manage library" screen will mention it:

Remote folder is unavailable

In that case, you can't read anything. That's a pretty big issue. Cover has a solution for that too. Before you leave your house, mark the comic book and folders you want to read as "available offline". After a few seconds, they will be copied on the internal storage of your laptop or tablet, so you can read them on the go.

Mark the files as available offline

There is even a Smartview to help you see what you can read offline!

Smartview "Available offline"

Don't forget to mark them as "Online only" once you're finished, so you free up some storage.

As an optimization, if you don't need the library to refresh very often or you prefer to do it manually (using the bottom app bar button on the main view), remember that you can disable the library "auto refresh" in the settings to improve app performance. This is especially important when your books are on the network.

Disable the library "auto refresh" setting

One important thing to note is that when you're streaming comic books from network (as opposed to internal storage), refreshing the library will be slower, as well as generating thumbnails or opening comic books. If you have a fast network you might not even notice the difference, but over a slow Wifi, prepare yourself for a little more patience. Happily, you can still read a comic book while thumbnails are generating :)

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Good reading!