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Windows Phone, Kid's Corner and Cover

Kids love smartphones—but what if your child accidentally erases your phone or emails everyone in your address book while playing? Even more important, what if you lose your comic books library in the process? No such worries with Kid's Corner, a place on your phone where your child can play with the games, apps, music, and videos you add there, but can't get to the rest of your stuff. Namely, your digital comic book collections.

Since the early versions of the system, Kid's Corner has been a unique and exclusive feature of Windows Phone. At last, Cover is now kids friendly. Here is how the parental control works.

First, you have to enable Kid's Corner on your device if not already done. You can find the full procedure here, but here are the main few steps:
- In the Settings, go to Kid's Corner, then tap next;
- Allow Cover to the list of apps;
- You can set a password to prevent your kids to access your "session";
- Tap finish to accept the settings.

The way it works, is that kids now have a special "session" on the phone that you can access from the lock screen, by swiping left. Your session is the same it used to be, however by accessing the Kid's Corner session, you'll only be able to start the apps/videos/music/... you selected.

Access Kid's Corner session

Now that you have allowed Cover to the Kid's Corner, you'll want to choose which comic books they have access to. This is a "opt-in" process so your kids never have access to anything you don't want them to. Right now, if you start Cover in the Kid's Corner, it will be completely empty.

Open your session, start Cover, then select the comic books and click "show in Kid's Corner":

Mark books as kids friendly

Now if you go to the Kid's Corner session and start Cover, you'll be able to see the comic books you authorized, and only them:

Only kids friendly comic books appear in Kid's Corner

There are some other stuff that are hidden in the app when it is started in Kid's Corner session:
- Kids can't add or remove content from the app or browse through your phone, SD card or cloud folders.
- Kids can't access the in-app purchases.

We hope this will encourage you to have your kids read comic books! They are a great educative medium and encourage children imagination. It's our first implementation of the feature, so if you think it can be improved, please let us know!

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Good reading!