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Cover 2.6, now syncing your devices

Cover 2.6 is out and it integrates a feature that has been asked about a million times: Syncing Cover so you can read seamlessly across your devices. Let me explain how it works.

First, go to the app settings and enable it. Right now, the feature is in Beta and it is only available for paid users (either 250 or unlimited):

Activate syncing setting

From now on, when you suspend the app, the status of your books (read, unread, page number) will be transfered to your Windows account using Roaming settings. Windows sync that automatically when you lock the screen. When you log in to another device, Cover will read from this Roaming data and apply the statuses to its local library. We try to identify the same files even if the paths are not the same, because it's likely you'll have a different copy of the files on two or more devices.

Although our testings were satisfying, we're trying to know if this is enough to provide a good experience. That's why the feature is only in beta, we hope you'll give us some feedback about it. There are quite severe limitations to the feature, due to how Roaming works:

If it seems like that the statuses don't sync, before contacting us, check the following:
- You have a proper internet access on both devices;
- You're logged in using the same Microsoft account on both devices;
- The sync setting is enable in both devices;
- The files on both devices are the same (not path, but name and size);
- Wait a few minutes to be sure Roaming is not temporarly prevented;
- ensure device A is locked, read on device B, lock device B, unlock device A, check that statuses are synced.

Let us know how that works for you, and if we should improve it. We have several ideas but we're really looking forward to reading from you first!

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Good reading!