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How to read your comic books from OneDrive or Dropbox

For almost a year, Cover has been supporting reading comic books from OneDrive or Dropbox. If you're new to the app or if you still haven't looked into this feature, here's some explanation. I'll take OneDrive for reference, but the very same applies to Dropbox as well.

Begin by adding a OneDrive folder to the app:

Add a OneDrive folder to your library

If it's the first time you do this, you'll be asked to authorize access to your OneDrive (for Dropbox, the same thing happens except you're redirected to your browser then back to the app once validated):

Authorize OneDrive

You're then redirected to a picker showing you the files and folders of your OneDrive. Select the root folder that contains your comic books (if there are more than one, repeat these steps), and tap OK.

After a brief loading, Cover shows you your comic books, except they are grayed out and there is a cloud icon on top of it. They also don't have a thumbnail, because to be able to display a thumbnail, we would have to download the comic books, and that would defeat the purpose of cloud storage wouldn't it ?

OneDrive folder in Cover

To be able to read these comics, you have to download them. To do that, just tap on them, or select them and tap the "Available offline" button in the appbar. The number on top of the comic book indicates the download progress percent. Once completed, the thumbnail will be generated and you'll be able to open the book.

Downloaded OneDrive comic book

Now if you want to remove the local copy of your comic books to free up space, just select those and tap the "Online only" button. The book will be removed locally, but will of course remain on OneDrive, and the thumbnail is also kept for a classier library.
If you're downloading a lot of files, the "Downloads" screen will help you keep track.

Downloads screen

These features work exactly the same on OneDrive and Dropbox, and on Windows desktop as well as phone. Let us know if the feature fits the way you use the app!

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Good reading!