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Hello Steed 1.2

It took us much more time than expected.

We're excited to announce Steed 1.2. A big update to our File Transfer client.

Most of our work on this version was making sure it worked well on High DPI display. At 200% the user interface is now more beautiful than ever. We also spent a lot of time ensuring it worked smoothly with multiple monitors having different DPI settings.

We've also improve the breadcrumb navigation, you can know click in it to unveil a text field, so you can type in the desired path, and it even autocomplete what your are typing, and the best part, is that it also work on FTP, SFTP, Azure and S3.

When we first released Steed, we were really fond of our "Tiles" to list your different connections, but we know that with a lots of entries it can get hard to use, so, from now on you can also switch to list mode to display your connections.

Moreover, you now have the ability to browse your local network and use computers on your network to transfer files. So you can for example easily access your NAS from within Steed and download file to it.

We really want more and more user to enjoy using Steed, and the best way to do that, is to support their language, that's why Steed is now localized into German! Thank you Matthias Baldi for your great work.

Last but not least, Steed now supports OS notifications (from Windows 8 and up), so you can leave it running in the background and get an notification when your transfers are done, pretty great, isn't it?

As usual, with any updates, we took care of fixing bugs and crashes

Have a look at the release notes if you want a more complete list of fixes.

You can get the update from within Steed, via the in-app updater, or you can download it from our website.