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A note on digital comic book formats

Perhaps the most important feature of a good, popular comic book reader, is the ability to open all kinds of comic book types. When you have to switch between apps because a file is not compatible, often means you just uninstall these apps.

Cover supports the most widely used formats: CBR, CBZ, CBT, CB7, PDF, EPUB, and image folder; today i'd like to elaborate on what are each format and what tools we use to open and read them. Maybe some of you don't already know all of this!

First, you have to know that all of these formats are just containers for a collection of images.

There are three main image formats used in digital comic books:

These images are stored in a folder or in a single file:

I hope you'll have learned something by reading this. Feel free to open your comic book archives using a tool such as 7-ZIP to check out how they work or extract some pages to make a nice desktop background. You can also create your own comic books very easily.

Finally, if you'd like to free up some serious space on your device, you should consider recompressing part of your comic books to WEBP. Don't worry, Cover will still be able to open them ;)

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Good reading!