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Cover goes UWP

We are really excited to announce Cover 3.

Cover now fully embraces Windows 10. We've rethought the UI from the ground up to provide you the best possible reading experience on all your Windows 10 devices (Desktop/Tablet and Phone).

Cover UWP Desktop

We've kept all the features that made Cover so great for all of you. You won't feel lost when using this new version. We've used the Universal Windows Platform design language to better reorganize options, and the way you can access them.

Thanks to the new development platform, your experience should be the same on all your Windows 10 devices and it should allow us to give you the same features on all the platform at the same time.

Cover UWP Phone

Here is a quick reminder of some of the features available:

Cover 3 is a free upgrade for existing users, so if you've already purchased Cover and upgrade to the new version, you won't have to pay a dime.

You just have to get the update on the Windows Store.

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Good reading!