The FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
How much Cover is going to cost me?
Downloading and using Cover is free.

With free edition, you can manage 25 books. For 3.99€ you can unlock an unlimited library. If you're not sure or have not that much comics, you can push the limit to 250 books for 1.49€ (And of course you can always go from 250 books to unlimited for 2.49€).

Cover is a universal app, if you unlock on one platform, it will be unlocked on the others.
I can't purchase the app/restore my purchase/lost my purchase?
First, don't worry, if you purchased anything, it's stored on your Microsoft account and it's not lost. In fact, it's all done by Microsoft and we don't process any payment or store any info related to you or your account. Also, you can try to restore your purchase at any time or purchase again, you won't be charged, but the app will "realize" you already own it and unlock itself.

That said, it has been seen that from time to time, the server license fails to respond properly and you seem to have lost your purchase. If that's the case, please try the following:
  • Quit the app (REALLY quit with alt+F4, don't just put it in background), or alternatively restart your device;
  • Make sure you're connected to the internet AND properly connected to the Store app with the correct account (the one you made the purchase with);
  • Restart the app and see if the app is unlocked. If it's not, try to restore your order. If it still does not work, please contact the support using the form below.
I just switched to Windows 10 and i can't purchase the app / restore my 8.1 purchase.
We're very sorry you're experiencing this issue. In-app purchases (IAP) seem to work only sporadically since the early betas of Win10.
First of all, don't worry, your IAP is safe and it will be transferred, at some point, to your Win10 device.
We're actively looking at how to resolve this issue, but right now all you can do is wait. Keep your Win10 updated, exit the app and restart it, try to restore your purchase from time to time. Hopefully it will work at some point.

The whole process is done by Microsoft, we have no record about your orders or payment means. We also can't know, when you start the app, if it should be unlocked or not, only the Microsoft Store can tell us that, and it seems right now it doesn't tell us anything. Or only rarely.
Cover is not the only app to experience this issue, so hopefully Microsoft will handle that quickly. But they did zero communication about this issue.
In which language is Cover available?
Cover is available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin), Japanese, Italian, Dutch, German and Slovak.

If you'd like to help us translate Cover, just follow this link.
What are the requirements for Cover?
The Universal Windows Platform version of Cover requires Windows 10.
Cover is still available for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.
Cover also runs on Windows 8, this version and the Windows Phone version have limited support for PDF files.
Can I help to translate Cover?
Yes! If you'd like to help us translate Cover, just follow this link.
How do i remove books from the library ?
You can't remove directly from Cover. The app is designed to show you the content of your folders. So to delete comic books, you just have to remove them from the folders (using Windows Explorer) and Cover will automatically sync.
If you just want to hide them from the library, you can use the "smart views". Mark the books as read, and choose the "unread" smart view to filter out the read books.
I have a Surface Pro 3 and Cover is slow/heats up my device/takes 100% CPU/..., What can i do ?
We've had a few reports that using a Surface Pro 3, Cover seems to have heat and CPU load issues. In fact, it seems to be a global problem affecting not only Cover.

From past experience with users, it seems it's the process of refreshing the library (or generating thumbnails) that takes CPU and causes overheat. Please try the following :
  • try to move your comics elsewhere (just to try out) : if they are on a network on SD card, put them on the device memory. If on device memory, put them on SD card or network. The SP3 seems to have driver issues with network or hard drive adapter, and accessing a lot of files seems to cause trouble;
  • disable "auto refresh library" in the app settings;
  • try to let it refresh and generate until it has finished (the spinner will disappear on the main screen), then check the cpu load.
Where can I find the Privacy Policy?
You can find them here.
Where can I find the release notes?
You can find them here.