Steed release notes

Steed - 27 June 2017
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  • Migrate to Dropbox API v2
  • Add support for S3 compatible services
  • Improve Filebrowser responsiveness
  • Improve item selection in the Filebrowser on Windows 8+
  • Fix a crash when quitting the app
  • WARNING: Our certificate hasn't been renewed in time, therefor this binary is not signed. We will issue a new binary once we get our new certificate.
Steed - 25 February 2016
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  • Added support for High DPI display
  • Added support for multiple monitor DPI settings
  • Site manager items can now be displayed in a list
  • Added ability to browse local network computers
  • Added support for Windows notifications
  • Added German localization
  • Added editable breadcrumb bar in the File Browser
  • Custom application tile icon background
  • Added support for Amazon S3 Asia Pacific region
  • Updated the bookmark sync engine with the new OneDrive API
  • Improved anonymous connections to FTP sites
  • Fixes an issue that was invalidating pinned application icon after an update
  • It now displays which service is used to sync the bookmarks
  • Prevent display of a white screen at application startup when bookmarks are sync with OneDrive
  • Fixes missing group icons in the Site Manager
  • Fixes a potential crash when closing a tab.
  • Fixes a potential crash wen removing a site from a group
  • Fixes a crash when loggin connection transcript
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
Steed - 17 March 2015
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  • Fixes an issue with Amazon S3 V4 signature, allowing login to new S3 Region.
  • Minor bug fixes
Steed - 19 December 2014
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  • Added ability to "Open with", download and edit from the server
  • Fix an issue with file downloaded from S3 that could be corrupted
  • Finally indicates OneDrive instead of SkyDrive
  • Fixes a crash when moving an item in Azure
  • Fixes a crash with read only SSH keys
  • Prevents crash when writing connection logs
  • Fixes a crash when listing a local directory with an invalid date
  • No longer crashed on 64bit machines when the OS ask the app for a restart
  • Added keyboard shortcut for Open/Open With (Ctrl+O, Ctrl+Shift+O)
  • Added keyboard shortcut for selecting a tab (1 to 8 to select a tab, 9 to select the last tab)
  • Added keyboard shortcut to select protocol (Ctrl+Shift+1..4)
  • Added keyboard shortcut to delete without putting file in recycle bin (Shift+Delete)
  • Added keyboard shortcut to open/close the transfer pane. (Ctrl+Shift+T)
  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements
Steed - 04 October 2013
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  • Fixes a crash on application startup on new install
Steed - 26 September 2013
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  • Added option to change the application language
  • Added possibility to paste folder between different local drives
  • Fixes a wrong breadcrumb bar popup placement on Windows 8
  • Improved reliability of the breadcrumb bar
  • Fixes a potential crash when trying to save a site
  • Fixes an error that was preventing upload header from working under some conditions
  • Added Ctrl+X keyboard shortcur to cut folder or files
  • Added Ctrl+Shift+N keyboard shortcut to create a folder
  • Added F3 keyboard shortcut to toggle search
  • Various bug fixes
Steed - 27 March 2013
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  • Added autosave of the window size and placement
  • Fixes a bug that was preventing the listing of S3 folders with lots of content
  • Speed improvements while listing Amazon S3 folders
  • Improved compatibility with files/folders created with ClumsyLeaf CloudXplorer, Cyberduck and CloudBerry Explorer for Windows Azure
  • Rollbacks to PASV when a server advertise EPSV, but doesn't support it
  • Improved listing of Ftp server with exotic file listing
  • Prevent crash when a tranfers finishes and the disk is full
  • Sftp Interactive keyboard authentication partial support (uses login and password, doesn't prompt for it)
  • Improved reliability and stability of the taskbar element progress value
  • Fixes a bug with the Properties window access
  • Now displays the computer information when opening the Computer properties
  • Various UI fixes for future localizations
  • Private key information can now be used from the History
  • Resolve a bug that was preventing some files from being transfered when a conflict occured
  • Various UI refinements for Windows 8
  • Various bug fixes
Steed - 15 January 2013
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  • Added support for DSA and RSA SSH private keys
  • Supports DES-EDE3-CBC, DES-EDE3-CFB, DES-CBC, AES-128-CBC, AES-192-CBC and AES-256-CBC private key encryption
  • Fixed a possible crash when trying to sync bookmarks
  • Improves opening of the preferences window
  • Prevents a potential crash when trying to redownload an item
  • Pasting in the same folder doesn't start a transfer anymore
  • Fixed a crash when trying to open the options with no cloud headers configured
  • S3 folder can now have the same name as their containing bucket
  • Improved symlink listing
  • Fixes a glitch preventing focus of the app with multiple tabs opened
  • Fixed navigation on local folders with back button
  • Fixes a crash when pasting unsupported urls
  • Improved import of filezilla bookmarks
  • Prevents crash when moving file on Ftp or Sftp connections
  • Improves listing of files to transfer
  • Fixes potential bug while renaming/deleting/listing buckets or containers
  • Improves renaming of item from the properties window
  • Added navigation with the "Return" key
  • Added support for ftps:// urls when pasting ftp addresses
  • Added support for the path when pasting urls
  • Improved the dropbox sync process
  • Fixed miscellaneous exceptions and crashes
  • UI refinements
Steed - 03 December 2012
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  • Added capability to specify http headers for cloud services
  • Bookmarks Importer now indicates how many bookmarks it can import before using it
  • Fixes issue with path containing spaces on FTP
  • Empty passwords no longer crashes with S3 connections
  • Ask password each times now works on S3 and Azure connections
  • The breadcrumb now indicates when it cannot list child folders
  • Cancelling the Ask for password window no longer block from connecting to other site
  • Path folder is no longer listed on Mac OS ftp servers
  • Lots of changes in the way errors are handled from the different connectors
  • Corrects an issue when disconnecting from some FTP server
  • Fixes problems when trying to access properties of the root folder
  • Displays the correct message when trying to close a tab with pending transfers
  • Fixes a regression that was preventing drag an drop from outside the application
  • Idle time no longer corrupt next transfers (Binary to ASCII)
  • Errors occuring in the local connector no longer crashes the application
  • Prevent issues with file opening in low permissions
  • Fixed issues with shortcut files
  • Fixed an issue with folder with comma renaming
  • Corrects overwritting of SSH uploaded files
  • Fixes some wording
  • Various crashes and bug fixes
Steed - 10 September 2012
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  • Fixes and provides information relative to a bug with the CommonAppData folder
  • Fixes wrong handling of Amazon S3 errors
  • Improves handling of server behind routers when using PASV
  • Starting a second transfers in Azure or S3 no longer crashes the application
  • Prevents a potential error when the user quit a connection while doing an operation
  • A message is now displayed to user with an AWS account but not signed up for S3
  • Fixes an error while trying to retrieve a drive size
  • Fixes failed connections while attempting to uses EPSV, even whe the server doesn't advertise it
  • Better handling of errors that occurs before a transfer start
  • Changing the Keep alive behavior now affects open connections
  • Improves loading and listing of directories
  • Fixes potential errors when trying to open an URL with no default web browser
  • Various bug fixes
Steed (Beta 5) - 17 September 2012
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  • Updates beta expiration date
Steed (Beta 4) - 15 September 2012
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  • Fixes crash with anonymous connections
  • Prevents application from crashes when listing Windows Shortcut
  • Changes the way shortcut are listed under Windows XP
  • The application doesn't tries to display 256x256 icons on Windows XP
  • Fixes how the application follows local shortcut path
  • Improves icons display on Windows XP
  • Updates the Ftp Library
  • Uses the last Amazon AWS lirabry
  • Improves the way messages are displayed in the status bar
  • Prevents crash when trying to paste items in a Ftp folder without write permission
  • Rollbacks to previous information when an error occurs in the properties window
  • Uses of Windows invalid characters for Ftp files no longer crashes the application
  • Listing of huge directories shouldn't crash the application anymore
  • Improves disconnection behavior while operation are pending
  • Application no longer crashes when working with bucket in regions other than US
  • Minor fixes and improvements
Steed (Beta 3) - 17 August 2012
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  • Improvements of the bookmarks synchronization
  • Bookmarks are now refreshed after an import
  • Fixes focus problem on renaming elements
  • Better handling of download with no more connections available
  • Fixes crashes with timeout on proftpd
  • Improves reliability when servers fail to respond during transfers
  • Fixes regression when deleting items being used by another process
  • Ameliorate deletion of lots of files
  • Fixes bugs with server that cannot handle some types of files
  • Errors during transfers no longer crashes the application
  • Logs now displays tranfers information
  • Improves files properties modification on S3 when user does not have enough rights
  • Fixes connection to Azure when a wrong access key is used
  • Big files now display their right size
  • Fixed bookmarks synchronization when moving site into another folder
  • Prevent first bookmarks sync from emptying local bookmarks
  • Fixed miscellaneous exceptions and crashes
Steed (Beta 2) - 20 July 2012
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  • Huge improvement of Ftp connections and transfers reliability
  • Sftp connections and tranfers behaviore improved
  • Fixes bugs with S3 bucket permissions
  • Corrects errors on Windows XP
  • Prevents crashes when drag and dropping in Windows 8
  • It is now possible to reconnect to a site after connecting to an history site
  • Fixes a bug with not existing local path
  • Retrieving local drive size no longer crashes the application
  • Fixes empty listing of some S3 buckets or S3 directories
  • Updates to the last Azure, S3 libraries
  • Lots of minor fixes and improvements
Steed (Beta 1) - 28 June 2012
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  • A search can be started using Ctrl+F
  • Users are now always logged in the right directory
  • Fixes a symbolic link issue on Sftp connections
  • Solved some UTF8 problems
  • Prompt when trying to delete a file that is being transferred
  • Better user experience when connecting to Ssl servers
  • Quick connection forms improvements and refinements
  • The bookmarks importer can import some "quick" connections
  • A new "up" arrow has been added to navigate to the parent directory
  • Improved handling of S3 accounts and errors
  • Fixes a problem with invalid caracters on Ftp and Local connections
  • Fixed focus on new folder
  • When a Site is edited it is no longer moved to the end of the list
  • File browser can be refreshed by using F5
  • Ctrl+Q can be used to disconnect from a server
  • Breadcrumb items are now sorted alphabetically
  • There is now an alert when closing a connection with pending tranfers
  • The file size was misdisplayed in the duplicate file dialog
  • Improves listing and refreshing when lots of files are transferred
  • Sites can be drag and dropped within the Site manager
  • Added a connect button on each site, in the Site manager
  • Improves compatibility with Windows XP
  • Lots of improvements and refinements
  • Fixed some wrong wording and translation
Steed (Alpha 5) - 11 May 2012
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  • Now, the application only needs the .NET Framework 4 Client profile
  • Added a first launch start screen
  • Added import of bookmarks from other applications
  • Fixed a bug when uploading a file opened by another application
  • Prevent the application from crashing when closing it after a connection
  • Improved Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure behaviors
  • Updated FTP and SFTP libraries
  • Fixed annoying behavior with the double click in the file browser
  • Improved performance of the file browser
  • Better bookmarks synchronization
  • Bandwidth throttling now avaible
  • UI refinements
  • Fixed miscellaneous exceptions and crashes
Steed (Alpha 4) - 05 April 2012
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  • Improved the crash report system
  • Connection made from the quick links are now available in the history
  • Fixed a bug that was crashing the application when trying to access a bucket or a container after creating or renaming it
  • Password field is now emptied when adding a connection to favorites
  • Improved drag and drop feedback and behavior
  • Better file browser breadcrumb navigation
  • Added a session logging system
  • Fixed miscellaneous exceptions and crashes
Steed (Alpha 3) - 30 March 2012
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  • Fixed a critical issue that could prevent the application from starting
  • Fixed an issue that could crash the application after disconnecting from an FTP or SFTP server
Steed (Alpha 2) - 29 March 2012
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  • Fixed an issue with the download/upload progress bar on Azure transfers
  • Resolved an issue that could crash the application, when using the medium icon view mode
  • It is now possible to maximize the application from the taskbar, even with more than one tab
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing connection to SSH servers
  • Prevents SSH connection to send keep alive messages after being disconnected
  • Allows to start a transfer with a double click
  • Improved the main window dragging behavior
  • Indicates which tab is selected, in the drop down when lots of tabs are opened
  • Fixed an issue when trying to open exe files from the file browser
  • UI improvements
  • Fixed miscellaneous exceptions and crashes
Steed (Alpha 1) - 22 March 2012
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  • The first release of Steed. Even if it is an alpha