If you get a problem or a question about Steed
The FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
How much Steed is going to cost me?
Steed will cost you 24.99€.
In which language is Steed available?
Steed supports English and French language. The language selection depends on your operating system. So if your Windows is English, Steed will also be in English, and therefore, Steed will be in French on a French version of Windows.
What are the requirements for Steed?
They are two requirements, using Windows (from XP to 8) and have the .NET Framework 4.0+ installed (If you don't have it, you can get it here : http://www.microsoft.com/net). Steed should also work fine on Windows 8.1, but it has not been fully tested yet.
Will Steed work on 64-bit versions of Windows?
Where are stored my bookmarks?
You can find your bookmarks in your ApplicationData folder, it should be located at:
On most computers this will be:
Where can I find the session logs?
Session logs are stored in the CommonApplicationData folder. Which is located at the following path:
It should most of the time correspond to
Where are stored my accepted Certificates and Hosts?
These are stored in the CommonApplicationData folder, you can find them at:
Certificates will be found in the «TrustedSslCertificates.xml» file and your hosts, in «KnownHosts.xml»